Reduced Cross-Platform Support

Have you reported the Spanish localization issues through our support system? We try to keep a close eye on the forums, but posts here don’t connect to our internal tracking system.


The offering CLEARLY states when V 3 is available. Everyone with a modicum of intelligence, or lack of bullshit axe to grind can easily see V3 is pushing at the gate to get out, with all the features the Mac version has gained during the development.

I don’t know where you are based, but accusations of fraud when there is clear evidence to the contrary is actionable, though I suspect the L&L team just shake their heads and get back to working on the last remaining bugs. Instead of blowing hard and making clearly false accusations, perhaps pull you head in and even start using the beta.

While I’m sure L&L would not make the claim, for the vast majority of us the beta is a fully useable program that other companies may well have stuck a version 1.0 label on and released it with the list of known bugs.

Seeing as you have a fixation on that 1.0 label just tell yourself that’s what it is, install it, get on with your writing and lay off the B/S Accusations.

Poor guy is venting his anger and you’re racking him up against the coals. He paid for what he expected would be a product and a compatibility that would be coming shortly, He committed a mistake. He got lost in the triumphant literature of L&L or whatever: let him be!!! Let L&L defend themselves. Follow your own piece of advice: stop your BS!!!

Point to one single word of bs…

Let’s not split hairs, Amcmo responded to a hostile post with hostility, that doesn’t make them a bully. It doesn’t mean they’re in the right, but it certainly doesn’t make them the instigator. I think they could stand to tone down their responses, but I also understand where they are coming from.

Venting a frustration and making baseless accusations of fraud are two very different things. It’s okay if someone is frustrated. Hell, I’m frustrated, but I also happen to sympathize with Literature and Latte’s predicament as I understand how the development process works, due to a background in IT.

Yes, development has taken longer than expected, but guess what? You have a full-functional feature rich and very stable 1.9.X release that works very well. Sure it lacks a few bells and whistles, but it’s still a fine piece of software that does what it was intended to very well. Failing that you have a beta that’s pretty damned stable and is cross compatible with the Mac version. I would urge any of the naysayers to read the posts from those defending the developers and do some research. before making these kind of accusations.

You would think a bunch of writers of all people would be more sympathetic. How many of you have been plagued by writer’s block and/or missed a deadline?

In my experience, writers are one of thethe most miserable, sneaky, lowest life forms known to man. And let’s not get started with some subspecies like journalists, or scholars…

Oh, man, you made my day. :smiley: This sentence is so good for a particular character in my novel. I’m taking it with me! :slight_smile:


Please do so with my blessings.

Well, in defense of scholars, most of them are employed in academic institutions, where human decency has been known to flee the building weeping and screaming. Hmm, is that a defense?

But in support of your point:

In the meanwhile RC3 is out with an expected lifespan of 10 days instead of 7… Bummer!!!