Reference and Citation on Scrivener

I would not use any other software rather than Scrivener.
However, looking around I found a piece of software nemed Essayist that includes referencing and citation like no other.

It can quickly call references from a poll of easily listed paper, it can bring about the full text when needed – and its citiation (or in form of footnote) – and it can be easily apply this information to the academic text.

I realised that Essayst is a software entirely dedicated to academic and minimalistic writing. However, I would appreciate if this feature is at least mentioned to the dev team.
I think currently, it is the area where most writing software struggle the most.

What do you all think?

This or something like it is a fairly frequent feature request.

Our position is that there are several excellent bibliography managers out there, and it is not a good use of our development resources to attempt to compete with them. Moreover, if we provided tight integration with one of them, we would inevitably disappoint users of the others. Rather, we provide a standard approach that will work with most of the leading applications in this space.