Reference could not be opened

This is a document references> external reference issue.
I pasted an address (an internet address) in the url field that should be perfectly valid ( I tried several addresses of course).
When I double click to open the link (to the browser), I get repeatedly this error message : “Reference could not be opened”.
Very frustrating.
I was surprised not to find anything from my forum searches. I must have missed something.
Any help ?

It’s hard to say without a precise example of what was pasted into the References table (and where it was pasted). When you use the gear menu and select “Create External Reference”, you type in a description title first, then hit Tab to switch to the URL field, and paste a URL that starts with “http://”, and it does not work, or does something in that description not match what you tried?

Thank you for your answer.
Some addresses do work, some don’t.
This one for instance doesn’t open from Scrivener (tried several times, creating new references), although it works fine in safari :

The address appears broken in my previous answer, although I did select and copy the whole address in Safari address bar… It may have something to do with the special or accented characters… Yet, if you do the reverse, that is select and copy the address from scrivener back into Safari, it works… But double clicking in Scrivener references does not.

Thanks, that does appear to break things. I tried with an encoded version of the URL: … nomiste%29

And that worked. However that’s a pretty ugly work-around as not everyone has the tools to easily do that. I’ll see if it is possible to get a fix to this internally so that it appears normal but is processed in a more machine friendly manner.