Reference Management and Tagging Research Notes


I know, a lot of users have mentioned this and i know, Scrivener is not a reference management software. But if Scrivener had a basic reference editing feature or Literature and Latte did another reference software compatible with Scrivener, this would be wonderful for academics/researchers. :smiley:

“Document notes” consist from only one column and we can not add keywords. So I can not tag my research documents. If scrivener has this feature, we can tag our document notes by keywords like Papers app.

Thank you.

Sorry, it’s not clear what you’re asking for here.

Do you want ‘tags’ in Scrivener?

They are already there (and they’re very powerful) — they’re called Keywords and you can attach any number of them to any document, then search for documents based on those keywords. If you haven’t already come across how to use them, then it’s likely you haven’t done the interactive Tutorial yet (it’s on the Help > Interactive Tutorial menu). It’ll take you about an hour to do, and it’s the biggest single thing you can do to make your use of Scrivener productive…

But Keywords are only available to create and view in the Mac and Windows version – not yet on the iPad. However, they’re not lost as you move between the Mac and iPad, so you can always assign them later to documents you’ve created on the iPad.

If I’ve misunderstood your suggestion, then sorry! Perhaps you could rephrase it?


being a Bibisco convert there is a lot to love about scrivener but a couple of things I miss from Bibisco are TAGS (not labels that can only be applied to a doc once) but tags where each document can have any number of attributes tagged onto it such as A or B story, location, narrative thread, sub plot etc etc. This might also allow an analysis of the document in terms of a visual overview of the shape of the narrative (very useful for us visual learners) I can’t see this feature so please correct me if I’ve missed it.

Document Notes and Keywords both attach to one document, so you can tag any document with several Keywords. Using document links a Glossary is also possible for online publications. Using Footnotes and Endnotes a body of Notes is gathered at the end of a Chapter or the entire document.

Wat are you missing, exactly?

Scrivener has many ways to distinguish between documents, most of them searchable. Check them at the link:

document metadata (tags, if you will)

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You can’t give metadata fields to Notes, but you can tag research documents and bookmark them in manuscript documents. It has the same effect, if not better.

Thank you that’ll do it :slight_smile: