Reference universal Research from multiple projects

Feature handy for Series fiction writers would be the ability to generate a Bible (i.e. a huge ‘Research’ folder) that could be referenced from within multiple projects rather than generating new Research, Front Matter, Templates, Character, and Location folders with each related project (binder clutter!)

Two ways to handle it would be 1) “Use from” allowing a pointer/reference to the Bible Project (single point of edit), or 2) “Copy from” allowing these folders to be copied from the ‘master’ to new projects (would require synch).

Have you tried simply making a copy of your current project (with the up-to-date “bible”) and deleting everything that isn’t pure research from it and renaming it? You can also create a new project and drag things from the open existing project to the open new project.

Yes, I have a Bible with no manuscript and can either copy/paste or just have two windows open.

However, a single master with multiple references (rather than embedding copies, etc) is a much more elegant solution.