references while editing?

Doing a short story (5000 words/ 20 pages). It has publishing limitations, so as I am trying to cut for word count, knowing how many words are above the cursor or approximation of what page the cursor would be on in the file.

Also, doing multiple editing passes, having a page number or cursor position for reference would be very helpful.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
P.S the more I use this program, the more I love it and the less I want to move out of it for editing.

The only way I know to see how many words are above the cursor position is to select those words, then right-click; the number of words will be at the bottom of the contextual menu.

Since Scrivener really doesn’t do page layout, I think your best bet is to stick to the word count. You can see a live word count in various ways, such as Project->Project Targets, or splitting the editor, you could set up an outline view with the Total Word Count column displayed.