referencing by auto number?

Hi, I am writing a legal certification which has numbered paragraphs. I believe that I should be using <$n> within each clip/document to compile it correctly.

Now these paragraphs will be auto numbered… Got that fine… BUT, is there a way to use such a clip so that I can reference it in other clips in this style: (See ¶32) or (See ¶32-¶37) … in other words can the <$n> be displayed from the referenced clip?

There isn’t a really easy way to do this sort of thing, I’m afraid. The only way to do this is to use tagged autonumbering, which was really designed for referring to tables and figures. The gotcha is that if you try to refer to a paragraph that comes later in the document, autonumbering will be out - it’s only really good for referring to earlier paragraphs. If this is at all useful, instead of entering <$n> at the start of each paragraph, you would enter:


Both the “para” and “keyword” can be renamed to whatever you want. “keyword” would be different for each paragraph. The first word after the colon (“para”) just tells Scrivener that this is a particular autonumbering stream - you could have another one with <$n:blah…>, for instance, which would be numbered separately. The final word - “keyword” - tells Scrivener that you may want to reference this particular number, so any subsequent occurrences of “<$n:para:keyword>” get replaced with the same number. Thus:

<$n:para:foo> Blah blah.
<$n:para:bar> Blah blah.
See paragraph <$n:para:foo>.


1 Blah blah
2 Blah blah
See paragraph 1.

Now, obviously, this is rather unsightly, but there are a couple of things you can do about it. For a start, if each of your paragraphs are in different documents, as you seem to suggest, you can have the numbering applied to the beginning of each paragraph automatically during the Compile stage, using the title prefix setting in the “Section Layout…” area of the “Formatting” tab. In the same area, you could set the title prefixes to be run-in heads (under “Title Appearance” inside the “Section Layout” sheet) so that they appear on the same line, as you would want for paragraphs. You would probably want to set the autonumbering tag inside the Title Prefix settings to something like this:


This uses a tag within a tag, so that the document’s title, with spaces removed, gets added as the keyword.

That way, you can refer to any document using <$n:para:docTitle>.

You can then use “Replacements” in Compile to make the latter a little prettier. You would probably do something like this:





This will cause Compile to replace #($@) with <$n:para:$@> before doing the autonumbering, and the $@ will be untouched. So, you could type:

See #(docTitleWithNoSpaces) for more information.

With these few Compile settings, you shouldn’t have to type any autonumbers yourself, and will have a really simple format for referencing the numbers of other documents.

If your paragraphs aren’t in different documents, then you would have to apply a unique keyword to all the paragraphs.

It is on my list to look at an easier way of referring to the numbers of other documents, but it’s difficult seeing as numbering can be used in so many different ways.

All the best,

this is perfect and meets my needs, as I do only refer to paragraphs already read, I appreciate the time you took to write it out for me!