Referencing images in "Research" section from Mult

I just wondered if there’s a way to reference images stored in Scriveners “Research” section. Otherwise i have to store and version-check every image twice, once in the research section and once in a folder from where it is referenced by MMD.
Any ideas?

It works the same way as referencing an image in the body of the document. All of my referenced images “live” in the research section.

The MMD Sample document demonstrates this.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I took a look at this today previous to posting but was unable to get this to work. The attached screenshot “Bild 1.png” shows the syntax in scrivener (and the corresponding image in the binder) but LaTeX produces an error (“Bild 2.png”). I could not make out what i am doing different from the example document.
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Just a guess, but I would check the directory where you did the export.

It may be missing the file for some reason.

Perhaps you can manually copy it and see if LaTeX finds it then?

Yikes, i found out what happened.
Normally the exported LaTeX file resides in the scrivener files dir. This file is opened and compiled in texshop.
However, when i added the image to the document either Scrivener oder MMD (dunno who does this selection) exported the new file into a new subfolder!!! Thus i always recompiled the old LaTeX file and nothing worked. Blind stupid me.
Within the exported folder everythings works fine.

So, it’s a little bit confusing that suddenly the export goes to a different location but aside from that everything works fine.
Thanks for the answers

Yes that behavior confused me at first too.

If you export a Scrivener document to LaTeX without any additional images the result is structurally different then when your document has some images. In the latter case Scrivener seems to add an extra top level directory to hold everything.

I like having an extra top level directory and I think it would be best if it always created the top level directory even when there were no extra images or attachements.

Yep, after my experiences this sounds like a good idea.