Referencing one footnote within another footnote

Hello all,

TL;DR Is there is a way to reference/automatically link one footnote within another footnote?

I’m trying to find out an automated way to reference a particular footnote within the text of another footnote such that when the document compiles, the number of the footnote being pointed to in the body of the footnote text is automatically updated.

For example, footnote 1 might read:
“This is an example of a poetic convention in which the sun is compared to big pie in the sky, which dates back to erudite historical source

Then footnote 2, somewhere later, might read:
"This is a metaphor that compares the sun to a tarte au citron, a variation of the poetic convention discussed in footnote [X]

Then through some suitable Scrivener trickery, “[X]” in footnote 2 will always reflect the number of what is currently footnote 1, but would update to reflect any rearrangement of the footnotes.

Or will I just have to do this after compiling into a .docx or similar?

Thanks very much in advance for any pointers! Apologies if this has been covered before—I did my due dilligence on google/manuals/the forums but couldn’t find a clear answer. If this question has been answered already, I would be super grateful if anyone would be wiling to point me in the direction of the answer!