Refering to Scrivener on a published work

I’m about to make a mention to Scrivener on a published document. Is there a format or structure defined to do so?

I’m thinking of writing something like this within the front matter:

© 2014 r6d2
Written and printed with Scrivener.

Would that be OK? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

In The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake, I went for…

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A standard(?) practice for including notes on the production of a text is to put that kind of thing on the verso page from the title page, though the end of the book is also a good place for it. It’s called a colophon, for the record:

OK, got it. But what I mean if there’s any kind of preference from L&L to be referenced in a certain way…

We don’t have any official recommendations here, were just grateful to anyone that wants to mention us in their colophon or copyright page! :slight_smile:

Just don’t call it Scrapple, if that’s a part of it. :mrgreen:

what’s a colophon?

It is a publishing tradition that goes back centuries, of printing a little information about the particulars of the book’s production. This can be as simple as the imprint logo, or a small section indicating the various typefaces used in the publication, binding details, the designer of the book, the software used to construct it and so on (Briar Kit’s excerpt above would be a good example of a modern colophon).

Would be. But isn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be!


Might be, may be, should be!

You can get a more comprehensive answer than even Ioa’s by clicking the link I provided above.

here y’ go! A colourphin