Reformat Project


My “wannabe” novel is composed a series of text-folders (one for each chapter) each containing three or more text documents which, when compiled, create the whole chapter.

The problem I have is that although I think I have the formatting (text width, justification etc.) the same for each I obviously don’t because when I compile the document some sections fit properly, others extend out beyond the edge of the page. I’ve attached a preview example which hopefully demonstrates what I mean.

Is there a way I can force the entire novel to be a specific width and justification?


Overriding the formatting during compile is the usual solution. You can set up standard formatting there for the relevant document types and they’ll all compile then using that formatting regardless of how they appear in the editor. You could try one of the presets to start and then tweak that, or you could just start adjusting what you have now.

If you click the arrow to expand the compile dialog, you can select “Formatting” in the sidebar and then check the “Override text and notes formatting” to have the compiled documents use the formatting you set here. You can just check that and then compile and see how far that gets you–you may not need to do much adjustment at all if it already i is using the font, font size and spacing you want.

To change the formatting in compile, select the document type corresponding to the binder document type you’re trying to format, then click into the preview area below and use the format bar and ruler to adjust the text. The “A” button opens the font window.