Reformat whole document at once

If there’s some way to do this, please tell me because I haven’t found it.

I import and reformat a lot of files from Google Drive, and a lot of the time when I do that, for whatever reason the text gets “highlighted” in black. And for whatever other reason, this doesn’t seem to show up until after I’ve worked with it for a while—closed and re-opened the file, started splitting the document up into scenes, or occasionally after I get all the way finished and compile it into a PDF that I open to see the entire page looking like a classified top secret document released by the Department of Defense.

And as far as I can tell, there’s no way to select and apply formatting choices to the whole document at once. So I end up having to choose each separate scene, select all, remove highlight color, go to next scene…

I’ve tried going to the document view where you see all the scenes together and selecting all that way, but it doesn’t work. Some way for this to work would be very nice.

Yes, we’re still working on integrating the Scrivenings view so that you can select all of the text within a session and change the format of it universally. We’re basically stacking text editors right now, which gets the job done, but it means each unit of text remains isolated in certain ways, with Ctrl-A probably being the most obvious of them.

There is of course the Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style command that can work on many selected sections at once, but this will purposefully ignore highlights and other forms of inline formatting.

If you do not use a lot of inline formatting (like italics), then you may find it easier to just forgo formatting entirely and use Edit/Paste and Match Style instead of the default rich text paste. That is equivalent to passing the text through Notepad to clean it up.