Reformatting your standard headline styles

I might be missing something obvious but I can’t for the life of me figure out if there’s a way to set and save new formatting for headers. I’d like to alter the sizing of Title, H1, H2 and add an H3 and H4.

Is that possible in the current editor?

Also, is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for a bullet list?

Are you asking about the headers in the editor or in the compiled manuscript?

As for the bullet list: You can set a keyboard shortcut for every menu item of any (proper, modern) program in the macOS keyboard settings.

Normally you would type the name of the menu item but in case of bullets I’d recommend that you click in Scrivener’s menu on the bullet you want and copy it from the text and then insert it in the macOS keyboard shortcut settings as its “name”. Like :black_small_square:

In Scrivener 3, format a paragraph, open the Styles pane, and create or redefine a style based on the paragraph’s formatting.

Thanks @drmajorbob, I’ll give that a try.