Refresh Scrivenings

Chapter X is in Edit Scrivenings, with or without Lock in Place:

Example 1: The subdocuments of Chapter X are reordered via Binder/Split Pane Corkboard.
Refresh Scrivenings and the editor pane shows Chapter X with Edit Scrivenings in the new order.

Example 2: A scene is removed to Ch. Z or to Trash
Refresh Scrivenings and the editor pane hides the deleted scene from Edit Scrivenings.

This would replace the current steps:

  1. Click the chapter’s document icon in Editor Pane > uncheck Lock in Place (opt+cmd+L)
  2. click something else in the binder (so the Editor will refresh)
  3. Select the chapter again
  4. Edit Scrivenings
  5. Click the chapter icon > uncheck Lock in Place (opt+cmd+L)
  6. Navigate back to the scene I was writing in.

(Originally I posted about this in tech support, hoping there was a method I’d missed, but it doesn’t seem there is, so I deleted that post and am requesting this.)

I’ve overhauled Edit Scrivenings for 2.0 and have some work left to do on it - but you shouldn’t even need Refresh Scrivenings for 2.0; it should do all of this automatically. The idea for 2.0 is that E.S. works synonymously with the outliner and corkboard, and will keep up to date with any changes in the binder automatically.

All the best,

Outstanding, Keith. :smiley: