Refreshing PDFs embedded into the editor as figures

PDFs are chameleonic, serving as both documents and parts of documents. PDFs actually work wonderfully as images, they are edited and exported directly by Adobe illustrator, and the vector content scales making them great flexible containers for e.g. scientific figures. They are supported by the Compiler and many output formats like PDF, DOCX, markdown or LaTeX. They work great dragged into the binder as research items, allow us to manage them while remaining editable. AND you can drag them (with Link to images… enabled in Prefs) into Scrivener’s document editors and they work mostly as figures. However, the only blemish is Scrivener’s context menu doesn’t seem to “see” the PDF as specific content in the same way it does for pixel-based formats:

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 19.40.18_SMALL.jpg[/attachment]

For example, the document-linked version cannot be manually refreshed if i’ve edited the source binder item. It would be nice if Scrivener could modify the context menu and allow us at least to “refresh” them.

Textedit also shows a generic context menu for inline PDF content, though that is also true for JPGs etc. so it is at least consistent across pixel or vector images. As an aside, I see Textedit has an inline “actions” menu for JPGs and PDFs, that could be quite useful in Scrivener too (though not sure if it could be made to handle linked as oppose to embedded images…):
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 20.03.32_SMALL.png[/attachment]

I deliberately removed from Scrivener the corner arrow contextual menu that you see in TextEdit, as it does not at all play well with the custom things Scrivener does. And yes, PDFs are a bit of a different beast - you’ll need to reload the project to refresh them.

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OK thanks for the context Keith!