Writing a humanities dissertation with Scrivener, and have been using RefWorks (supported by my institution) to manage my citations and bib. I noticed that the 2.0 supports citation managers that are installed applications, but RefWorks is web-based. Anyone know if RefWorks can be used this way? (or some other way?) I’m sure I could purchase EndNote and import the RefWorks data, but I’d rather not spend the money if possible.

I used RefWorks several years ago and decided that I did not want my references sitting on a web server somewhere, and maybe out of reach when I most needed them.

A reference manager on your hard drive is instantly available, and you can store in it all kinds of information, including notes, URLs, abstracts, etc. that make it a vital part of your research.

You might check with your campus IT office to see if they support a campus license for EndNote. If so, the charge to you is a mere $13 per year.

Or perhaps even free (as at my university).