Regaining previous typed text

Repeating way at top: cmd-z, a standard Mac feature.

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(In the case of accidentally deleted text : )
After Cmd+Z-ing your way back into your document’s edit history to a point where the missing text chunk reappears, you can copy the lost text, then use Shift+Cmd+Z to go back to the state you were before (so that you don’t lose the edits done meanwhile), and then paste back the recovered text.

Cmd+Z = Undo
Shift+Cmd+Z = Redo

→ You don’t have to be careful when using Shift+Cmd+Z, as it will take you no further than the most recent edit done to a document. To “go back to the surface”, you can just blindly hit Shift+Cmd+Z until it does nothing no more.
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Or, alternatively, you could simply take a snapshot of your document before beginning the “recovery operation”, Cmd-Z your way back in history until the missing text reappears, select and copy it, then roll back to the snapshot you just took, and then finally paste back the text you have now recovered.


This has a different function, at least in the macOS version. It calls up your citation manager and another Cmd+Y will then place the selected citation into Scrivener.

In macOS shift+Cmd+Z = Redo

Oh crap, what’s the redo cmd then ?
(I’ll go back and fix my post.)

In macOS shift+Cmd+Z = Redo

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Fixed it. Thanks.
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My apologies for the brain fart.

Shouldn’t you use Clipboard History to protect you from yourself? If your on macOS, search for a Clipboard manager.

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At least on windows will only show if paste something into scrivener, like from web page or transfer in from dictation box like dragon or copy from another program. simply typing in scrivener did not show up on clipboard at least in pc

No. You are right, it won’t.
But if you Ctrl+x (cut) and somehow forget to later paste, it will.
Thus the clipboard manager offering some sort of a “safety net”.

For large cut+paste operations, I much prefer the Document → Split/Merge commands instead. They allow you to move large chunks around via the Binder (or Corkboard or Outline view), rather than having the text in limbo on the clipboard.

And of course making an extra backup before this kind of large scale reorganization is never a bad idea.