Regarding Hazel

Hello all, I have a question concerning the application Hazel (which I learned of here first so I hope I can get help here as well). I am playing around with this program because I am looking for it to sync the contents of one folder to another folder(s) on DropBox and/or iDisk. I made a rule that said:

If Date last modified is after date last matched then copy file to [specified folder]

Now for other types of files (.txt, .doc, .rtf) the contents sync automatically and immediately after being modified. For example, I setup two test folders (A and B) and created an .rtf file in folder A. I modify that file and within seconds the file in folder B is modified as well. The problem comes in with .scriv files.
I create a .scriv file in folder A, modify it and then look in folder B. The modified file is not copied over. Damn. I go to the Hazel menu bar icon and manually tell it to run the specified rules. Then the file is copied to folder B, leading me to believe that this is not a problem with the .scriv file but with Hazel’s recognition of that file.
So, here’s my theory, feel free to dismiss it since I am ignorant on such things. I know that .scriv files, like application files, have nested files and folders within them, so in essence the Test.scriv file is actually another folder within folder A. Maybe Hazel recognizes this and does not automatically run the rules as it believes the file is actually a folder. When I try to create a rule around the Test.scriv file itself, Hazel does not allow me to select it so I am at a loss.
I would like to know if anyone has gotten Hazel to automatically sync their .scriv files from one folder to another without any trouble, and if so, what rules they using. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you all soon.


I would add a rule to your current rule (where if any are true and not all since you want to deal with more than Scrivener files) that basically calls the file type.

If [any]
Your current rule
If [Kind] is [Scrivener Project]

Your actions

This may not work but is what I would try if I was having trouble with a rule and a type of file. Worth a shot in any case. Hope it works for you.

I don’t know the answer to this question, but you might have better luck on the Hazel forums. This sounds like it may be related to a bug that existed a while back for bundles and the “date added” matching function. Perhaps the developer forgot to update the “last matched” function with these modifications.