Regarding Labels

Is there a way to set a label without color-coding it?

If you don’t want any of your Labels color-coded, all you have to do is not enable Label color anywhere under the View menu > Use Label Color In. You can also choose to have it show some places and not others.

If you mean you do have Label color enabled to show some places, but don’t want it to show for one particular Label, you could have the “color” for that Label be white or whatever your background color is (mine isn’t white, so I’d have to experiment with it a little but then I don’t want any Labels not to have color).

I don’t think that will help me, from what I am seeing. What you’ve suggested seems to be an “all-or-nothing” option. What I need is to have a “specific colorless label” for parent folders and then use icon colored and classification colored labels for the child folders and documents only.

The only colourless setting is “No Label”—it’s worth noting you change the name of that entry. So if all things have a label, you could use that for this purpose.

That’s not a perfect solution, but it will work for now, I guess. Thank you.