Regex double paragraph break replacement possible bug?

In order to replace double paragraph breaks with single ones, this works in all of my other regex enabled apps (BBEdit, for ex): Find: \n\n Replace: \n

In Scrivener, Find for \n\n works as expected, but Replace for \n just replaces with the “n” character rather than the single paragraph break.

Am using this work around: Find: (\n)(\n) Replace: $1 which produces the desired result, but if feels like the more straightforward approach above should work, as it does in BBEdit. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

There’s a limitation with the RegEx that whitespace symbols like \n and \s don’t work in the Replace field, so for these you’ll need to just enter the character or use a backreference as you’re doing. You can copy and paste the whitespace characters from the main text or, for common ones, type them directly with a modifier key, e.g. Opt-Return for a return, Opt-Tab for a tab, Opt-Space for a non-breaking space.