Registering Scrivener software - Windows


I bought the software, installed it all ok.

Now I am trying to activate it.
I have the licence code, which is fine.

However I enter my name (in the person who bought the software purchase) in the first line then the activation code in the second line.

I get a message that these are not recognised.
What am I doing wrong?


Did you purchase directly through our eSellerate store, or did you buy through another seller like Amazon or a special sale running? If you got it somewhere other than our store, the code you’d have been given by them can’t go directly into the Scrivener software but is a code to use on a webpage on our site to generate the serial name and number for registering and activating Scrivener. The link for the page should’ve been in the receipt sent from the seller you purchased from (in the case of Amazon, you can also find it in your Games and Software Library when signed in on Amaon’s site).

Assuming you do have the serial name and number, make sure when you’re copying them into the program that you’re not getting any extra whitespace. I do suggest copy and paste rather than typing to avoid any 0/O confusion.