Registration - can I do it now?

I downloaded the unofficial port to Linux last night. I am totally blown away.

I will pay money for what is available now for Linux.

I want to put my money where my mouth is.

Is there any way that I could register the Mac version and have the registration apply to either a WINE install or the unofficial Linux beta?

Thanks! :slight_smile: Unfortunately not though, the two will be sold separately since they are discrete different development efforts each with their own set of mouths to feed. You shouldn’t have to wait long, though, the development timelines are going very well from what I hear, so early 2011 is still on target.

Yikes! So, you mean all three platforms, Mac, Windows and Linux will each require a separate licence? I presume that’ll add up to something like $120+.

Are there any thoughts of package deals?

Oh no, the Linux version is just an unsupported build of the Windows port, and thus it benefits directly from the development effort.

For sure I’ll do the same. Scrivener is amazing.