registration details

Hi can anyone advise me please. I have just bought scrivener 2.9 for mac. I am copying and pasting username and serial number as instructed but the registration is saying that my name and number are invalid…

I had a similar thing happen to me when I upgraded to 3.0. I sent an email to, and even though they were swamped by the initial release, they got back to me within 24 hours with help on getting up and running.

Hope this helps!

I’m getting the same thing - I purchased registration details today, cut and paste into Enter License box, and get an error message “Invalid Serial Number of Name”. I’ve reported it to sales@literatureandlatte but have had no response yet. If there are more than one of us getting this error - it could well be a problem at their end.

You may be aware of this risk this already - but it’s just possible that you aren’t - you may have inadvertently included a space when copying and pasting your licence details. So worth checking. (I have a memory that this has been an issue for a few new Scrivener users in the past.)

I just had the same problem. Carefully copy and pasted registration name and number, scrolling through to check no spaces were introduced. Cannot register and risk losing my work as this is the last trial session.

Just to say - it’s very unlikely indeed that you’ll lose your work. In days gone by, applications automatically tended to keep users’ work inside the applications. Today, that is less and less true.

Scrivener is definitely one of the many pieces of software that enable you to store your work elsewhere on your hard disk. When first setting up your projects(s) using Scrivener, you will have been asked where you wish to store them. And even when your last trial session has ended they will still be in the location you chose. So when you solve the problem of your registration, you’ll be able to open them again.