registration impossible ?

Hi !
I just bought q scrivener licence, and i have got trouble registering…
When I enter my licence number and my name (copy/past, no spaces, i’ve been careful.) , at first I have the message “valid registration; thank you” (the french version of it), and then when I close the pop-up window, I got a second pop-up window telling me : "Invalid name and/or serial number, … "
I can then use Scrivener (Although I can’t access it as try version from the welcome screen : even if I downloaded today on a new computer It is asking me to register since after my first registration try, telling me that my try is over.) but i have to enter my name and number each time…

How can I solve this bug ?

Solved !
Maybe the third computer restart, maybe time on scrivener side, not very sure !

We experienced issues with the registration servers over the holidays, which should be already resolved.