Registration issue

I’m this guy: Having now bought Scapple, I have the same problem, and would solve it the same way, except that I can’t locate the relevant validation file. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Thanks.


Thanks for buying Scapple! eSellerate have changed the location of their activation files in the latest versions of their frameworks. They can now be found in:


(Remember that ~/Library is hidden on the latest versions of OS X; to show it, hold down the Option key while viewing the “Go” menu in the Finder and select “Library”.)

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Ok, this is curious. I find the Components-folder in the Library, but it is empty and remains so, even after I re-activate Scapple and re-download the activation file. Then I notice that the activation file for Scrivener in Application Support/MindVision is new, although I haven’t even had Scrivener open this morning, let alone re-activated it. So I remove it to see, and behold: Scapple no longer opens. Replace it with my stored Scrivener activation file and Scapple opens as well. It seems, therefore, that eSellerate is using the same activation file for both apps. So I will duplicate my stored Scrivener-profiles and re-name them Scapple. Then whichever app I open first will take care of the second one as well. I’ll test this next week at the office, but I don’t foresee problems.

Quick follow-up to this: duplicating the profiles turned out to be foolish: rooSwitch was hopelessly confused about which activation file was in the MindVision folder and which wasn’t. So in the end I simply replaced both Scrivener activation files with the new Scapple ones and left it at that. As long as I remember that my Scrivener profiles work for both apps, and that I need to switch Scrivener over even if I just want to use Scapple, I’ll be fine.

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Glad to hear that you’ve found a workable solution.

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