Registration issues

I have just purchased SCRIVENER and I am regretting the decision because it is not working and I didn’t realize that there is no way to speak with someone to get support. Reading forums when you are afraid all of your work will vanish is not comforting. At all. :exclamation:

I keep getting the message that the registration information is incorrect and do not know what to do. I have entered the KEY continuously and received the same message, “Invalid serial number or name. Please check that the serial number and name you have entered match the ones in your order confirmation e-mail.”

What do I do? My trial period is about to end and my hope was to purchase Scrivener in time to protect the work I entered into the site.

Have you downloaded the most recent version of Scrivener? They had to change their license authentication service because the old one shut up shop. It could be that you downloaded a trial version from before that update was pushed.

Also, no need to worry about losing your work; it’s all stored on your Mac, not “in the cloud”. It’s not stored on Literature and Latte’s website at all, and even removing the Scrivener application from your Mac won’t erase existing scrivener Project files.

Do take advantage of some kind of backup software (like Time Machine or BackBlaze) to be sure you never have to worry about a lost/damage computer though. Backups of all of your files are solely your responsibility.

If you have downloaded the latest version and still see the problem, please open a support ticket here:

Attach a copy or screenshot of your purchase receipt.

We can’t address registration issues through the forum.