Registration/ Licence

Recently my Mac has been failing. I bought a new MacBook Pro and love it, but I am not able to transfer my old files or hard drive and the new one won’t recognize my backup. I have downloaded a new copy of Scrivener but can’t figure out how to obtain my license. I am still able to open Scrivener on my old computer but the machine is very slow and has crash problems. Is there a way for me to retrieve the license from the app on my old computer? I hate to loose my Scrivener but I simply can’t buy it all over again, especially after paying for a new Mac. … et-it-back

Note, however, that you probably have a Scrivener 2 license. The latest version, Scrivener 3, won’t accept it. You can get the upgrade discount through our store, here: … ?tab=macOS


Thanks for the reply.
Actually I have 3.1.2. It turns out it was labeled Scrivener 2 on my Mac because there was an older version already on my Mac so instead of replacing it my computer called the new file Scrivener 2. :slight_smile:

Any way, after my initial post I finally figured out how to retrieve the info from Scrivener. I went to They sent me the info I needed and now I am happy with life once again.