Registration Question

Hey folks!

I know that this has probably been answered somewhere, but a quick glance around didn’t find it and I wanted to just go ahead and ask.

Finally got around to downloading the trial version of the software and… I like it. I’ve got it on two computers (desktop & laptop) and have used about 4/30 days of the Trial on each. I’m seriously considering purchasing, especially as I can use the NaNoWriMo winners coupon (but maybe even if I couldn’t – it’s good software).

So I’ve got a few questions. I know that it’s possible to install on more than one machine, but is there a limit? I’ll definitely be installing on my desktop/laptop (both windows at the moment), but since I backup files using SpiderOak (fantastic btw) I was also considering installing Scrivener on my parents desktop and my old laptop as well for the times when I end up writing on those – so is there a limit?

Hm, I had another question also. What was it? I can’t remember so it’s probably nothing that can’t wait. Cheers!

There is a theoretical limit, but it isn’t one that the average person would exceed (you’re fine even if you activate all four mentioned computers). Do note that on your parent’s machine, you can only do that if you are still living under one roof, or if you are activating it on a Windows account that they don’t use. As for the limit, we have the trigger set to only kick in if a large number of machines activate the serial number in a short period of time. There is no “over life” limit or anything like that; the limiter is on a one-month refresh. In short the DRM is designed to protect against obvious cases of piracy, but it should in 99.999% of normal customer cases, not even be something you have to worry about. We hate limiting DRM as well.

I use SpiderOak for backups as well, it seems to work well for Scrivener. There is one thing to note, if you’re like me and prefer clean and meaningful lists over exhaustive but cluttered lists—you may want to pause uploading while working on Scriv projects that are in SpiderOak’s reach. Otherwise you’ll end up with mammoth lists of versions of the files that change frequently. That is a pretty picky thing though—I bet most people never even use those file version lists.

NaNo coupon: The 2012 winner coupon is still valid, but you are running short on days! This coupon will expire on the 30th of April.

Thanks for that awesome response! Answered all of my questions.

I don’t live with my parents (haven’t in a quite a while), but I spend about 2-3 nights a week at their house due to my work schedule having an easier commute from their house on those days. I can just not install it there though – my own three active computers should manage me just fine as I can use my laptop when I’m at their place instead.

Good heads up about SpiderOak, but I have it set not to auto-backup more than once every six hours, and it doesn’t auto-start, so it mostly ends up be doing it manually only (I’m a bit crazy about keeping things manual, heh). Should be set. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, super helpful. Cheers.