Registration succeeds but Scrivener closes

My Scrivener trial version ran out a while ago, so I’ve been running the betas for Windows v1.2 for a while. Now that v1.2 has been released I thought I would bit the bullet and purchase a copy. I got my license number today, uninstalled the betas and installed the trial version of v1.2 from the site.

Once installed, the beta icon appeared (!), I ran Scrivener and a dialog appeared saying my trial had expired. I clicked the button to enter my license number, which worked. Registration successful said the next dialog. I clicked OK. Then another dialog appeared saying that the serial number had not been activated on eSellerate and to click the OK button to get the activation going. I clicked that, and got back to the “trial has expired” dialog at which point Scrivener shuts down despite a previous dialog saying all was well and I could use it.

This happens every time I try and start Scrivener - I enter my serial number - try and activate on eSellerate - app closes. I am running as a Standard User on Win7 x64.

What’s going on? I have tried to un- and reinstall several times but get the same thing.
Am disappointed that the first time something has gone wrong is the first time I’ve tried to run it since buying a license.

There was a nasty trial expiry bug in version 1.2.1. Try downloading version 1.2.3, which you can get here: … taller.exe

If that doesn’t help, let us know and we can investigate further.