Registration window annoyance

My wife just discovered this. She bought Scrivener and was trying to copy in the registration key by copying it from the email and pasting it into the form. But when she did this, nothing seemed to happen: even after repeatedly pasting in the key, the blank remained blank. It turns out that the problem was caused by the fact that she had inadvertently copied both the key and the newline immediately following it, and when she pasted them into the one-line blank on the form, the key scrolled up, out of sight, leaving an apparently unchanged, empty space. Finally, she typed in the key manually, but the previously-copied instances were still present (though not visible) and caused Scrivener to see the whole key\nkey\nkey sequence as a bad key.

I was able to make it work with the same paste-buffer contents she had used (after restarting Scrivener) by pasting it in and hitting delete once to delete the newline, causing the key “magically” to appear.

I don’t know the best fix for this, and maybe it’s not worth worrying about. Can characters that are never part of a key be filtered out somehow?

Greg Shenaut

The whitespace should be filtered out (ignored when you hit “Register”). But obviously if you then typed in the serial number again, there would be two serial numbers in there so it wouldn’t be recognised.
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