I had downloaded the trial version a while back and decided to buy Scrivener today. My trial had expired, and when I tried to enter my serial name and number it wouldn’t work. I know everything was entered correctly, but it kept saying something was invalid. Help! Should I un-install and re-install the program?

How far back is a while back? If you downloaded the trial prior to November 2010, you might have the old version installed—and it won’t accept a new serial number. You can tell by the icon. The old version has a rectangular icon that is basic black and white. The new icon is square, and has a silver ‘S’ in it. This icon will be visible in the registration window. If you have the old version installed, then download the new version, replace the old copy in Applications with that one, and give it another shot.

If you are using the new version, please contact me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.