Regression in Project Search and whole project Find?

Last night I moved from Beta 24 to 25. I noticed this morning that doing a search through my whole project (nearly 65K words) didn’t work. I could, for a while, do a document by document search with Ctrl-F, but then that stopped. I can enter text in the search field, but the “Next” button never indicates it’s ready to go. When I attempted to use Project Search absolutely nothing happens – no box pops up to enter the search term. Both of these worked in Beta 24. In Beta 24, a Quick Search doesn’t bring up a text box either. The shortcuts listed in the Find Menu don’t seem to work either.

Full disclosure here: I use Scrivener under Codeweavers CrossOver (a commercial WINE package), and I don’t use Windows (nor have access to a PC running it), so my mileage may vary from a Windows user’s experience. I do find it strange that the above functions did work in Beta 24, but don’t in Beta 25.

Apologies for the long delay in responding to you,

Are you still experiencing this in the latest beta? Or has the issue been resolved in the meantime?

This has been resolved.