Regular lag when typing

I’ve noticed an issue in Scrivener when I am typing copy that Scrivener will briefly pause one every second and a half or so at very rhythmic intervals. This is really irritating and i do not know when it started; I’m certain if it was there since the beginning I would have noticed it far sooner. I’ve been using the software for 6 months.

For me this is really easy to demonstrate, though I have no idea if other people are having this issue. If I hold down a key (such as the L key,) Scrivener will pause after exactly 28 characters every time on the spot. Similarly, if I am deleting characters, every 28th character Scrivener will pause for a split second. This seems to “lag” as if it is auto saving or something else of that nature, but I haven’t been able to find any solution by changing any settings that would pertain to that sort of behavior.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Three possibilities come to mind:

  • “Save after period of inactivity” is set to something like (default) of 2 seconds and is kicking in, even though not really a period of inactivity… Tools > Options > General and change the period, presumably to something a bit longer. This seems most likely.
  • Something else on the PC is causing this. Task Manager can show what else is running and gobbling CPU, disk, net, RAM, etc.
  • Have large and/or numerous pictures within the document you are typing into.