Reinstalled Scrivener- kept preferences and themes?

I’m having some issues with Scrivener, so I uninstalled it through apps/uninstall (as one is supposed to do), then downloaded the trial version and reinstalled it. It didn’t ask for my license, and all the options and themes came back exactly as they were before. I thought I was supposed to have to reinstall all those? I guess I’m questioning whether it fully uninstalled or not (and the issues are still present).

The key is one thing, and from what I recall, it is as it should that you weren’t asked to input it again. (Once validated, it is in your registry or something, and an uninstall leaves it there.)

On the other hand, if my memory serve, you should have had all your settings, formatting bar, shortcuts, everything, back to their default.
So no, likely you didn’t actually do a complete reinstall.

What issues are you having, and why did you think a reinstall would fix them?

By design, Scrivener stores preferences separately from the application itself. People get grumpy if they have to reconfigure their environment every time we release an update.

I made another post about it - I couldn’t change the font size in any document - they all began defaulting to size 22 no matter what changes I made. I did save the theme and options, because I was expecting them to disappear with a fresh install, and when I re-downloaded it and the theme and options were the same, I suspected that the process hadn’t worked for some reason.

I spent the day tracking down old bits of files to delete, and was finally able to download a fresh install, and the font size issue has resolved.