Reinstalling on Same computer?

I poked around the site and I couldn’t seem to find an answer to this question, so here it goes. My computer is having some problems lately and I’m considering wiping it and returning it to its factory settings. The issue is that this will require me to reinstall all my software, including Scrivener. I’ve found details on how to install Scivener on additional computers, but not on how to reinstall it the original if for some reason I need to wipe it and not count as installing it an additional computer.

I’m worried that if I merely wipe my computer and reinstall it, it will somehow count me as having installed Scrivener on two computers when it’s only installed on one. Does this make sense? I’m not very computer savvy, so I apologize if this is confusing.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you.

Unless you’re planning to install Scrivener on a host of computers in the near future, it shouldn’t really matter either way. :slight_smile: But just use Help > Deactivate Scrivener before you wipe the computer if you get the chance, and that will clear your activation (and revert the program to trial mode). When you reinstall later, you’ll just need to copy and paste your serial name and number from your receipt and reactivate and you’ll be set. You may want to go through the steps on the article for installing on multiple computers to save your preference settings and so forth as well, to make it easier to set up your environment again once you’re back up and running.

I’ll keep that in mind should I need to wipe my computer. Thanks for your help. (: