Reinstalling paid version of Scrivener

I had trouble with opening Scrivener so I uninstalled it and reinstalled, but the only thing that comes up is a new project page. Nothing came up for me to reenter my serial number. There is no preference area to click on to either. It is just a project page, unlike I had before which included tabs, place to change my preferences. I had reinstalled from my purchase page, but that didn’t do anything, so I uninstalled it and went to the webpage and downloaded the trial, but nothing shows up as a trial at all. There is nothing but a project page. I can’t figure out what else to do.

It is unclear to me from your post whether you have existing projects or not.

If you have existing projects, have you tried opening any of them from the project page, by using the Open button and navigating to your .scriv file?

If you don’t have existing projects, i.e. you’re a brand new user, then select the Tutorial project from the New Projects screen and open that.

Once you’ve got a project open, your tabs, place to change preferences, etc. will all be visible.

Also, once a project is open, go to the the Help menu. I believe somewhere under Help is a place to see if your license is activated.


Jim, thank you for your reply. As a new user, I do have Scrivener projects and did as you suggested. It did open to the project which included preferences etc. The only problem was going to the “Help” tab to see my activation/serial number to show I have the full version. Nothing displayed. There is a line under “Help” that says “Deactivate,” but I didn’t want to click on it for fear I would lose everything. It puzzles me because I have never had a program that didn’t have you reenter the number to show ownership or at least show a license code or serial number somewhere. I don’t know, maybe Scrivener knows when you uninstall and reinstall that there is a serial number or key.

Hi jyhoch,

If it said ‘Deactivate’ under Help, then you’re golden. That means it recognized your install as licensed. I just checked my version, and it is the same.

Come to think of it, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Scriv a number of times, and was never prompted to reenter my license key either. It only asked when I migrated to a new PC.

So I think you’re good to go!


Jim, thank you! It is the first paid program I had that didn’t ask for a license or serial number. Good to know this information. I appreciate the time you made to answer!