Rejecting Amazon activation code on 2nd PC

Registration is rejecting act code on my new laptop. Says “Sorry something went wrong. Please check the activation code and try again.”

I don’t know if this matters. I forgot that I had to download from Amazon and downloaded from the L&L side. Tried to enter the activation code and it would not take. Then downloaded from Amazon but there was a problem at the end so I downloaded again.

Went to the web site to activate, but it will not take it.

It sounds like you’ve already used the Amazon code to generate a serial name and number for Scrivener that you used on your previous computer? If that’s the case, the Amazon code won’t work again, but all you need is that serial name and number to register Scrivener on the new computer. It should be in an email receipt that would’ve been sent after completing the steps at the page. If you can’t find it but remember the email you used when going through that process, you can plug that in on eSellerate’s support page here to have the receipt sent again: … fault.aspx

Amazon allows multiple downloads. I switched from an old PC to a new one last year and did it.

This time, I’m keeping Scrivener on my desktop and want to install it in the new laptop. I don’t think I can find the old e-mail and don’t really remember that, so I’ll try what you suggest. It looks like the full URL did not display, though.

You can download the software repeatedly and activate it on multiple machines. I just meant that the initial code you get from Amazon is just to generate the serial name and number you’ll use for that activation, and that only gets done once–then you use the serial name/number to register Scrivener on your different machines.

Here’s the link, if the one above isn’t working:

Thank you, MM. eSelerate found it, went thru the reg process and created a new project.
The support at L&L is great.

Great, glad it’s all sorted!

Thank you for this post and all the replies. I was having the same issue and thankfully the email hadn’t been delete. :slight_smile: