Relate Research to specific document -- how?

I’m trying to pin a research page to to a specific project (page).

I write articles rather than multi-chapter books so a project to me is a document. I thought there was a way I could relate the research notes to a specific document, rather than a whole binder or a group.

“Document notes” appears with the page but it’s a tiny area and the research material can be lengthy, so I was hoping to use “Research” for this.

I’m a Scrivener noob, so there may be other ways of doing this, but one way would be to include (in your main document) a link to that research file (assuming that your research file is sitting in your Research folder.)

Do EDIT >>> SCRIVENER LINK and then browse to the Research folder and select the file you want to link to.

That’ll put a clickable link into your main document.

If you simply want to inspect your research file while typing in your main document, you can select it in the Research folder and hit the space bar. That’ll open your research file in a QuickReference panel, floating on top of your main document.

(Para 9.5 of the Manual for stuff on linking documents together)

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood the question.


You can also use the References pane of the inspector - this allows you to add a list of other related documents either within the project or elsewhere on disk. You can then double-click on the references to open them in the split view or in a QuickReference window, depending on your preferences. This is, in fact, the whole point of document References, so they should be what you are looking for. They are covered in Step 5d of the Interactive Tutorial (which I strongly recommend going through if you haven’t already).

Hope that helps.

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