Relating item titles to their real file names

I’d like to be able to read bits of the scrivener project using another another application (mind mapping) and I have managed to link one rtf file in the way I want. It was a hit and miss process finding the right file, though, so is there a way to find the .rtf file name for a specific item within the binder?


Have you considered just using File->Export? You can overwrite them periodically to keep them up-to-date.

There’s no easy way within the interface to find the file name associated with a binder item, no, mainly because you should only be working with those files via Scrivener’s interface and so never need to know the internal file names. Updating the files outside of Scrivener can lead to the project getting out of sync with itself, since multiple files need to be kept up-to-date when you change something, not just the .rtf you’re editing. Additionally Scrivener uses some unique RTF tags (for footnotes and annotations, for example) which won’t be recognized by another editor, so that’s opening up a lot of potential for things to get out of whack. The better way to do this, if you want to work on files externally, is to use the File > Export > Files… method as suggested above. Just select the items you want in the binder, export them (they’ll use their binder titles then), work on them externally, and either import them again after or copy in the changes back to the original files.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try the export approach.