Relative versus absolute numbering

I apologize if this appears elsewhere on the forum. I did search, but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for.

Often, I compile partial novels for critique partners. For example, I might compile chapters three to five as a word document. I generally use numbers–<$n>. The problem is that I’d like the numbers to be absolute, not relative. i.e., in my example, I want my numbering to start with three–it is actually chapter three–instead of one. For example, I’d like the numbering to reflect the chapter’s position in the actual novel, not its position in the compile.

Is this possible with Scrivener? Is there an option for relative versus absolute numbering?


Yes, although it’s got a bit of an odd name at the moment (it’s been given a more obvious name and placement in the next update). In Compile, under “Processing Options”, make sure “Compile ignoring levels outside current compile group” is not ticked. When this is ticked, the current group gets compiled as though it is the entire draft. If you un-tick it, auto-numbering will take into consideration any preceding text outside of the compile group. (It doesn’t take page numbering into consideration, though - there’s no way of page numbering starting from a relative position at the moment, I’m afraid.)

Hope that helps.

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If you want/need page numbers too, I’d suggest compiling the whole manuscript to PDF, and then from the Preview app, print the range of pages that you want your partners to see.