Release notes ?


I’m trying the v3 official release and was wondering what has been changed since the last beta, is there a release note somewhere ? I can’t find it on the website url=[/url], it just shows the 1.9.16 and the 3 installer to download.


The download link is right there, at the link you posted. That’s the version 3 full release, as opposed to the 2.9.21 beta you were using.


OP is asking for the release notes, not the download link. The beta forum posting that normally had the RC change list now just talks about the release of 3.0.

Oops again. I read too fast and miss things.

I doubt there were any significant changes in the last week of the beta period, though. They have to send it to Apple, it takes a few days, etc.

They have to send the Windows version to Apple???

Unfortunately, the 3.0 release notes are…um…sparse. “Initial release” levels of sparse.

Sorry, that’s dementia setting in, I suppose!

The principle applies, though. If they want to release on a given day, especially a new product, they have to put it in other hands to some extent a few days before. There wouldn’t have been much of anything changed between RC21 and the final release.

Ok I see, that was my guess too, just asking out of curiosity :wink:

I don’t think there were many changes between the final beta and the release version, other than the addition of the activation components. That is the majority of what we were working on at the very end.

As for grand release notes that show every change between v1.16 and v3.0—that would be next to impossible to itemise, and so vast that hardly anyone would find it useful. We’ve always just gone with “initial release” for the first of a major upgrade.