Release on Aug 30 confirmed?

It’s a no-win. Release the software for sale before it’s ready and people will complain that you shouldn’t release such buggy software. Wait until the bugs are ironed out and that’s no good either, it took too long.

Didn’t Hemingway shoot himself because the new version of his preferred typewriter was delayed?

For anyone who is afraid about stability and data loss with the Beta. For many versions the Beta is stable against data loss. Just have a look at the forum posts about data loss and you will not find any. Writing with Scrivener is stable against data loss. Mostly the Compiler is the one who needs further improvements, otherwise we would have released it already.

We work hard to deliver the release sooner than later. Anyone is welcome to try and test the beta for free, but please stop writing that the Beta is not stable and make everyone afraid that they will lose their project using the Beta. As I have always said, if your work is important backing up your work is as important too, no matter whether you use an official or a beta version software.

Just because we call it Beta it does not mean that it is not stable, it means it is not feature complete.

We all from the Windows development team take responsibility for the delay together with Lee. I can assure you that we work twice as hard and please, do not discourage our efforts, just because we have not met our desired release date.

I completely realize I’m becoming pretty much boring, but the current Beta screenplay format is nowhere near being usable for a professional enviroment. I know it’s bottom-level priority to fix the screenplay part of scrivener, but I needed to point out that even the RC2 shouldn’t be used for any serious project.

You are correct, we are tracing the text sizing issues in Scriptwriting mode, and it is not bottom level priority. It is one of the reasons why the official release was postponed.

I’m extremely glad the problem has been taken seriously, thank you so much for the update.