Reload button for pdfs not working

I just bought Scrivener yesterday to write my thesis and I am trying to figure out how to use pdfs in the program. I figured out how to highlight in Scrivener and in an external program, but the reload button doesn’t work in my Scrivener 2. It’s just greyed-out. Also, will comments I make in an external program come over to Scrivener once I’ve figured out how to reload the pdfs in the editor?


The reload button in the footer always looks gray, but if you click it the PDF should refresh. You’ll of course need to have saved the changes in the external editor first.

Comments that you make in your PDF will be viewable in Scrivener, but they won’t appear as inspector comments or anything like that–they’ll just be part of the PDF and appear in the editor there sort of as an image attached to the PDF (so the text in comments isn’t really “text”; ie, you can’t copy/paste it in Scrivener or use a search function on it).

In Scrivener you’ll also be able to use the inspector to add keywords, Document Notes, and references to the file.

Well, it’s working now! I think I had to reboot my program or something. Thanks mimetic