Reluctance to Purchase Software

Scrivener looks like impressive writing software. But I recently had a bad experience where I paid for some software and utilized it a few months prior to having to do a computer restore / reset. And I lost everything on my computer including the software.

I contacted the publishers and enlisted their assistance. But they said they could not find any record of my purchase. When this has happened before with other software, all I have to do is log in to their website and click on a link that has my past purchases. And it will allow me to download the software whenever I need to as long as I enter the right log-in information.

So the bottom line is that I do not want to drop $40 on Scrivener and then end up having the same thing happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.

Do you guys have anything in place in the event that such a thing happens to your customers?

I’m not with L&L, but am comfortable that the following is accurate.

See “Retrieving Your Serial Number” section of

And of course be sure to record/save/print out/backup the transaction and serial number when you purchase.

Hope that helps.

Hi philsanderson,

I believe that I may have replied to your support email on this subject, earlier this morning, so I hope that my reply and SpringfieldMH’s advice have put your mind at rest.

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If, for some reason, your computer dies right after you purchase and install Scrivener, they give you a generous amount of activations per serial. Once you exceed them, the oldest one is deactivated, I believe.

But definitely hold onto/backup the email you got with your serial and the name you used to register it.

This is completely accurate, as I had to do exactly this to recover my own lost serial number way back when. And again, DEFINITELY save the email with your serial number and registered name. I’ve since had to resort to that email at least three times since needing to retrieve it from eSellerate. Makes it much easier, like when you’re installing on multiple systems.

These are some of the best reasons for having email in the cloud (Gmail,, etc) and for keeping a copy of other records up there as well. I have software registrations in my LastPass database and have used those records more than once, while feeling they are very secure.

In addition to the good points made above, I keep details of all my software serial numbers, receipts, etc. in OneNote, which is cloud-synchronised and accessible from anywhere. Evernote is also good; it’s just a question of which you are used to. Personally (and I have no connections with L&L), I think Scrivener is extraordinarily good value for money.

All of this was very helpful. I decided to purchase the software and have done so. But now I am having problems compiling my story properly in EPUB format using the Windows-based version of the software. :unamused: What gives?

Did you have this issue when in trial mode? I ask because there should not be any difference in the way the software works before or after you input the serial number (except for an expiration after 30 days of use), but if your experimentation with the trail version worked, but not after your registered the software, then maybe there’s some change you made in the project after activating it?

If you haven’t try to compile to epub before now, then my answer would simply be that you haven’t mastered the relationship between your binder’s structure and the compile dialogue, or that there’s something you want out of the epub format that isn’t easy/possible compared to other formats. It’s hard to give advice without more detail.

This is being covered already on the other thread…