Remember cursor position when switching between documents?

I am new to Scrivener. So far I am impressed with several of its unique capabilities. However, there is a basic function that is either lacking or that I simply cannot discover how to turn on.

I downloaded Scrivener because I was intrigued by its organizational capabilities. I am working on a project with several long chapters and I have the need to constantly switch between these chapters to compare information. I have noticed that Scrivener does not remember the cursor position when switching between documents within the same draft. Upon returning to one document (or chunck) from another I am transported back to the top of the page and have to scroll my way back down or do a search in order to return to the previous position. This unfortunately defeats my basic purpose for using this program in the first place. I am aware of the Vertical and Horizontal split views. They come in handy when comparing two documents but the same problem persists when switching between multiple documents.

Is returning to the previous position in a document a feature that needs to be turned on? If so how do I go about doing this?

While I am here I will bring up another feature that I have yet to uncover. Bookmarks. I would like to insert bookmarks at certain points in each document/chunk and then call up a list of them to quickly jump to specific paragraphs of the text much like the Bookmark feature in Microsoft Word 2010.

I hope that these features are available in Scrivener because it is much more intuitive than any other application I have used and I would like to begin using it as my main writing tool.

Any help will be appreciated.


The cursor position has been noted and should be fixed at some point before release. They’re working on ironing out the RTF editor issues right now.

As for bookmarks, I’m thinking that would transfer over to Scrivener’s ability to split long chapters into smaller segments. Have you tried seperating out your text into subdocs at those specific places?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m glad to hear that the cursor position issue will be fixed.

I have thought about your suggestion to split longer chapters into shorter segments to achieve the effect of bookmarking. It is a great solution for permanent bookmarks. However, a lot of my bookmarking is done on-the-fly and only temporary. Splitting in those instances would become more of a hindrance. Perhaps bookmarks will be a future addition.

Thanks again for the quick reply!

For what it’s worth, the bookmarking ability you’re talking about is a feature of the Mac 2.x version, so it is likely to be something added to the Windows version at some point down the line.

Ah, that’s great to hear, MimeticMounton. Thanks. I’ve been watching some of the 2.0 tutorials and the features shown are amazing. I can’t wait until the Windows version catches up to the Mac version.