Remember Outliner Columns for Relaunch


Confirmed, and it does seem to lose the preference in a single session. I just had it happen, but it does not happen immediately, oddly enough. I was just going to file a related bug, so I’ll do that here:

After setting up the width of columns, if you open the Inspector pane, it moves everything over so that it still fits in the new, smaller space. Fine, but when closing Inspector, the scrunched up version remains. Shouldn’t this spring back to the way it was before it got scrunched?

I can’t recreate this… For me, which outline columns are displayed and their position etc are saved flawlessly. Bear in mind that the two document views save their outliner columns separately, so if you set up the bottom view to hide, say, the “Title” column, whis won’t affect the top view. This is entirely intentional to allow more flexibility.

Are you saying that this is not getting saved for you? Ever? Or under certain circumstances?

As for AmberV’s columns-scrunched-up thing: sorry, that is just default Cocoa column-resizing behaviour. When the view gets resized, the outline view things that you have resized the window and adjusts accordingly. Likewise when you resize it back - it has no way to remember the last state, as it only ever saves its current state.


Maybe for 2.0… This is very minor. You just set up the outliner columns you want visible when you start your project. There are two different document views that you will have to do that in. Maybe you want different columns visible in each one. That is a possibility. Currently all columns are displayed by default. I may change that. But given that you can easily change which columns are visible, I’m not going to provide a Preference on top of that for the foreseeable future. This is pretty standard behaviour.

Eeck. I cannot reproduce this, after getting some sleep. I swear it was dumping my visible columns setting every time I restarted last night! :slight_smile: