Remember to Empty the Trash!

Here’s a problem that can happen if you don’t empty the trash:

I was sure I’d changed a link in my book’s backmatter, but I found that I had not. After some investigating, I think I know what had happened.

To find the document I wanted, I had searched for text in the project, found it, and made the change. However, it turns out the search had found the document in the trash, unbeknownst to me. Thus, I had only made the change in the deleted document, not in the one that would appear in the book.

The moral for me: empty the trash before doing any project-wide searches. If you’re worried you’ll delete something important, make a backup.

Note that you can exclude Trash documents from searches, for exactly this reason. To see the search options, click the arrow at the left edge of the search box.


These options do not appear to affect the Quick Search results. Is this a bug? If not, how do you exclude Trash from the Quick Search results?

The Quick Search, as the name implies, has no options. To exclude Trash files (or otherwise tune the results) use the main Project Search.


Your responses are contradictory:

Unless you’re planning to be correct all the time, maybe drop the snark? (And even then it’s probably a good idea!)

The OP was specifically referring to the Project Search.


Glad I asked. Thanks.

Katherine is one of the most helpful and least snarky people around here, so is it possible you read a little extra into the response that she hadn’t put there?

(She IS correct all the time, though.)

Ditto to that!

Yes, indeed.

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Um, yes which prompted my question about Quick Search, which as the name implies is a type of search.

Regardless of whether “search” in your previous reply tacitly implied strictly a Project Search, do you see that the OP’s issue of mistakenly searching for and editing the incorrect document could still fall within the realm of probable outcomes for other users who perhaps had instead used the Quick Search to perform said search…?