Remembering position and view

When I select a parent folder, the default way it opens that grouping is:

  • corkboard view
  • so i switch to scrivenings
  • but the default page view in scrivenings is a long way down the page grouping
  • so I have to grab the scroll bar and pull it to the top
  • then I place my cursor in the top most page/section of the main editor
  • then I select that parent folder in the binder again
  • then I hit arrow down, which deselects scrivenings ( by default ), switching to single page view
  • so i select scrivenings, but again its a long way down that page grouping
  • so I pull the scroll bar back to the top again
  • once again clicking that folder or page grouping in the binder
  • then I hit arrow up ( back to the parent folder where I started )
  • but it has forgotten the scrivenings view, and is back to corkboard
  • so I reselect scrivenings
  • and it has also forgotten where I was, so I have to grab the scroll bar again, and pull it back up to the top of that page grouping
  • then if I select the folder in the binder again, and hit arrow down, it has also forgotten the scrivenings view for the other folder, having defaulted back to single page view, and if I once again hit scrivenings view, it has also forgotten the position, and I once again have to drag the scroll bar up … so it’s not remembering anything.

… I think the above is not terribly convenient, and I looked in the options but there didn’t seem to be any way to change such default behaviour … what I would like is to have happen, is for it to remember the last view, not to just automatically select corkboard ( nor single page view ), and I would like it to remember where I was last looking for any view of any page or page grouping.

When I switch to Scrivenings view for a particular folder, Scrivener does seem to remember my preference – as long as I don’t select the Manuscript folder itself. It NEVER remembers my prior selection of Scrivenings view for the Manuscript folder (that’s a bug, as far as I’m concerned). Otherwise, it only seems to remember the view preference for the three or four last folders touched (which is likely a design feature, but seems suboptimal in terms of ease of use).

Now, for Scrivener to remember where you were in some random view? I do not see anything in Scrivener that does this. In Document view, it remembers your current position. However, Scrivenings view is not the same view every time. It can change depending on how much you select. Having Scrivener remember every view I think would be problematic. Having it remember for each folder, however, is relatively simple (it could save the folder information in the .scrivx file, or in Settings, or some such).

However, you can add Comments, which can be used as placemarkers. Add a comment to a word in your project, the location you’re currently editing. Select your folder, switch to Scrivenings view, show the inspector pane for comments and footnotes, and click on that comment. It will take you right to that area without leaving the Scrivenings view, and without having to drag the scroll bar. If you include comments during compile, remove your navigational comments before compiling.

To avoid all that… don’t use “down arrow” in the Binder. One, it switches to default view, which is a Document Page View for docs, and Corkboard for folders.

If you normally select the same set of documents or folders to view, you can add them to a Collection. Add collections to your View choices (View → Collections). Then you can select the collection, select all, and click on a Comment to move to that area of the Scrivenings. You should only have to set the View mode(Scrivenings) once. I just did this, and after exiting Scrivener and reopening the project, the View mode for the “select all” in the collection was unchanged (from Scrivenings). This gets around ever selecting the Manuscript folder (which would switch you to Corkboard).

I don’t want to discount your concerns; I think you have a valid point about the mode (default mode should be remembered by folder, including the Manuscript folder).

However, I doubt that random views will be added (at least not this version). In the meantime, you can create set views by creating collections, and you can set placemarkers with comments so navigation is much quicker.

I hope that helps.

Even if it didn’t remember where I was positioned for a page, the least it could do is not randomly start miles down a page … it should default to the top of each page if it is unable to remember where I was viewing a page last time I looked at it,