Remembering project layout's Split panes sizing

I’ve grown quite fond of using the horizontal split view to keep an extra “sidebar” of a particular folder of my research open in outline view, with the right-hand editor being the actual text pane that I work in.

Each time I open the project, however, the sizing resets to an even split 50/50. On a related note, when this happens, my Binder sizing seems to shrink to what I think might be the default (which is a little too narrow for my scene naming scheme).

So in effect, upon opening the project I have to resize two parts of the Scrivener window to make it usable again (or else re-apply my saved Layout, which arranges things correctly).

It’d be a very very tiny QoL improvement, but as a daily writer, man would it be appreciated!

That doesn’t happen for me: relative panel sizes / binder size persist over Project Close or Scrivener shutdown (I’ve just tested both).

Does it happen with other projects?

(BTW – did you know you can assign a keyboard shortcut to your named layout, so at least you can minimise the disruption while this problem is being sorted?)

So I played with this some more and realized something odd.

You’re right that it appears to work as advertised, except that when I take a file from my desktop and Airdrop it to my laptop, work on it, then save and Airdrop it back to the desktop, the project file seems to be permanently “stuck” in some broken UI state.

Should I work on a reliable reproduction of the issue and post elsewhere?

Apologies if you already know this: the saved Layouts are specific to a machine, not to a project, so wouldn’t expect them to transfer to your laptop, unless you take special measures to do so (e.g. by having a single Layouts folder on Dropbox and aliasing to it on both machines.) Saved layouts are kept in ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Layouts’, BTW. I’m not sure you’d necessarily want to replicate them across computers though: a layout which works on my iMac 27" screen isn’t necessarily appropriate for my MacBook 12".

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with that particular project, so if you try recreating and saving the layout on the laptop and you still have issues with a ‘stuck’ layout, then yes, I think you should report it.

Yes, the layouts themselves are of course separate, it’s just that once I bring a project back to my desktop, from then on it opens with the split pane inexplicably wide. Re-applying my saved layout is just the fastest way to work around the issue, but it’s only temporary (even if no more Airdropping ever occurs).

Thanks for reality-checking me on this not being a pervasive issue with all projects. I’ll figure out what’s going on and make a proper report.