Remembering where I'm at

Is there a way for Scrivener to remember where in a document I am? For instance.
I have a long script in Outliner. I frequently go check stuff in the binder (maps, images, sound bites and other research items) but every time I come back to the Ouyliner it places me right at the top again instead of close to the bottom where I’m working.

Any workaround?

This works better if you use history to return to the Outliner (note you can right-click on the history button to jump back several steps at once), but even if you just click back to the container in the Binder after having looked at a few things, your last selection should be retained. It may not scroll to it like history does, but if you hit the up/down arrow quickly it will jump you to the spot. My guess is that this is a design decision that it doesn’t scroll to the selection when clicking on the Binder, as opposed to history, but I’ll check on that.